Poison Dart is the upgrade to this skill, allowing you to use it at range. For a more ranged based Combat Archer, just focus on filling out your adrenaline gauge and Warrior tree. Combat in Assassin’s Creed Origins works like this: you block or dodge while waiting for an opening. allowing you to chain massive combos and dole out heavy damage to a number of enemies right out of the gate. This bonus might seem small at first, netting an extra 8-10 experience per headshot, but you’ll be killing a lot of enemies throughout Bayek’s lifetime, and thousands of headshots adds up to a hell of a bonus if you take it early enough. These skills will give you a backup ranged weapon. Likewise, for ranged players a Smoke Bomb can give you a chance to pick off several enemies at close range as they cough and sputter in the smoke, or it can disrupt line of sight from large groups of enemy archers, giving you time to reevaluate the situation and either run or pick them off through the smoke. If you haven’t started throwing Fire Bombs at any red pots and haybales enemies are standing near as you sprint through a fortress you should really give it a try, because it’s a lot of fun. That leaves just one to deal with, and you can grab the goods. Starting with Stealth Kill XP and making your way down the line until you unlock Chain Assassination. Skills in Assassin’s Creed: Origins are a brand new feature that dramatically modify your playstyle by giving you abilities and access to refining your them to use your weapons and gear in AC:O. The melee tree itself is pretty straightforward. Rinse and repeat while laughing maniacally and you’ll find the fight is over before it ever really got started. Run up behind one of the escorts and ping him, then get either the chariot driver or second escort as well. Light bows are great for spraying down large groups of enemies, but the ability to break an enemy’s block with your hunter bow is also ridiculously powerful mid-combat. Even if things are getting too dicey, it’ll let you put boots to sand and run away. You take the opening and combo attack the enemy. Specifically, you need to focus on making sure that you start every battle with a full adrenaline gauge by moving down the right side of the tree after unlocking Weapon Bearer. Becoming a beast tamer involves taking a stroll down the Seer tree. Think of them as anti-combat rogues. For combat, the smoke gives you a chance to slice and dice through a variety of enemies that are effectively stun-locked, and can give you a chance to doll out some much-needed damage or otherwise thin the herd down from overwhelming odds, to something much more survivable. It’s a method that guarantees three or more kills right at the beginning of an encounter, after which there are usually so few enemies left in a group that you shouldn’t have much trouble cleaning up. Get all the best bits of VG247 delivered to your inbox every Friday! The two Adrenaline skills help you get there faster, by starting you with half or a full adrenaline bar in every fight. This low level Hunter passive awards you free XP for successive kills outside open conflict. If you have to run, if you have to fight, if you have to take cover or try to hide while archers are doing their best impression of the Persians in 300, you’re going to need this passive health regeneration to give yourself just that extra bit of life you need to finish the fight. Additionally, Pyromaniac gives your fire bombs a massive boost, which for a trickster is a serious bonus. These weapons are few and far between.