Erst 1564 einigten sich vier der fünf Sultanate, darunter Golkonda, auf ein Bündnis gegen den gemeinsamen Feind, den sie ein Jahr darauf in der Schlacht von Talikota vernichtend schlugen. Nannayya wrote the first treatise on Telugu grammar called Andhra Shabda Chintamani in Sanskrit, as there was no grammatical work in Telugu prior to that. Jahrhundert zerbrach das Shatavahana-Reich im frühen 3. 2004 wurde er von der Kongresspartei unter dem amtierenden Chefminister Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy abgelöst. There are four revenue divisions in this district. Im April und Mai kann das Thermometer auf 43 Grad steigen, in Extremjahren sind auch schon über 45 Grad gemessen worden. The highways in the state are also being widened. [66] In 1347 CE, an independent Muslim state, the Bahmani Sultanate, was established in south India by Ala-ud-Din Bahman Shah in a revolt against the Delhi Sultanate. [57], The Vijayanagara Empire originated in the Deccan Plateau region in the early 14th century. This law paves the way for three capitals for the state. [17][18] Control passed to the British Raj in 1804 and it remained under British colonial rule until India's independence in 1947. [128] For the benefit of state i.e., after separating Telangana from Andhra, people of Andhra protested for special status during January in 2017, Andhra Pradesh is one of the storehouses of mineral resources in India. [130] During 2016, nearly 3.8 trillion m3 (134 trillion cu ft) of methane hydrate deposits were explored in KG basin whose extraction was adequate to impart energy security for many decades to India. [28], Andhra Pradesh comprises two major regions, namely Rayalaseema in the south-west and Coastal Andhra bordering the Bay of Bengal in the east and north-east. [136]:21 A planned Integrated Bus Terminal Complex would be built at Maddilapalem. Lambasingi in Visakhapatnam district is also nicknamed as the "Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh" due to its relatively cool climate as compared to others and the temperature ranges from 0 to 10 °C (32 to 50 °F).[81][82]. [43], Languages in Visakhapatnam (2011)Source: Languages in Visakhapatnam - Census 2011 data, Telugu is the official and the most predominantly spoken language by the native speakers. Some more investments are in line, like Google x, Lalith Ahuja's ANSR Consulting, Franklin Templeton, Innova Solutions, etc. The estuaries of the Godavari and Krishna Rivers support rich mangrove forests with fishing cats and otters as keystone species.[79]. [128] For the benefit of state i.e., after separating Telangana from Andhra, people of Andhra protested for special status during January in 2017, Andhra Pradesh is one of the storehouses of mineral resources in India. All elected belonged to TDP. Erste Unterrichtssprache ist in der Regel die Amtssprache Telugu. The Telugu Desam Party senior leader and MLC Dwarapureddy Jagadish on Saturday asked Chief Minister Y.S. Tamil Nadu • [11] "Vizagapatam" could also be spelled Visakhapatnam in the West European alphabet. Vor der Abspaltung Telanganas war Andhra Pradesh mit 84,6 Millionen Einwohnern noch der fünftgrößte Bundesstaat gewesen. Annual precipitation, which derives largely from the southwest monsoon rains, generally decreases toward the southwestern plateau area. The Telugu Desam Party won both the assembly and Lok Sabha election in 1999 under the leadership of Chandrababu Naidu. Letztere unterstützten immer wieder eigene Thronanwärter. 1070 bis 1120) zeichnete sich bereits der allmähliche Verfall des Chola-Reiches ab. "While the YSRCP is speaking of three capitals, the BJP-led central government has filed an affidavit in the High Court saying it has nothing to do with the trifurcation. Wachstumsbereiche sind die pharmazeutische, chemische und Softwareindustrie. Rund 4.100 Kilometer entfallen auf die zwölf meist zweispurigen National Highways. It is highest in the far southwest, where elevations exceed 2,000 feet (600 metres), sloping downward toward the northeast. [167] Arma Konda peak located in Visakhapatnam district is the highest peak in Eastern Ghats. In 1994, Andhra Pradesh gave a mandate to the Telugu Desam Party again, and Rao became the chief minister again. [87] Tamil, Kannada and Odia are spoken in border-areas. Andhra Pradesh hat als einer der ersten Bundesstaaten Indiens seine Landwirtschaft liberalisiert. An höheren Bildungseinrichtungen wird ein Großteil der Lehrveranstaltungen auf Englisch abgehalten. Rock-cut Buddha statue at Bojjannakonda near Anakapalle, Visakhapatnam. Assam • Harikatha was originated in Andhra. Obwohl sie dem hinduistischen Glauben anhingen, konnte sich der Buddhismus unter ihrem Schutz weiterhin frei entfalten. [149], Visakhapatnam Port is one of 13 major ports in India and the only major port of Andhra Pradesh. Das Urdu gehört zu den indoarischen Sprachen und ist eng mit dem Hindi verwandt. [11] It has been selected as one of the Indian cities to be developed as a smart city under the Smart Cities Mission. 609 bis 642), König des seit dem 6. [156][157], The Telugu film industry is largely based in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam. The Krishna River valley was "a site of extraordinary Buddhist activity for almost a thousand years. At Ligalametta there are hundreds of rock-cut monolithic stupas in rows, spread across the hill. Sricity located in Chittoor district is an integrated business city which is home to firms including PepsiCo, Isuzu Motors, Cadbury India, Kellogg's, Colgate-Palmolive, Kobelco etc. by the Chola Dynasty king Kulothunga I. Golkonda vermochte sich zwar länger zu halten, erlag aber 1687 ebenfalls der Armee Aurangzebs. Bald nach dem Tod des Eroberers des Dekkan, Großmogul Aurangzeb, überkamen angesichts schwacher, meist nur kurze Zeit regierender und überdies in ständige Fehden mit ihren Rivalen verwickelter Herrscher Zerfallserscheinungen das Riesenreich. After a larger gap of 13 years the elections were scheduled to happen on 23 March 2020. 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