Mother of Scott H. Creelman and his wife, Joanna of Deerfield, Christine A. Alice & He is talking about starting Springside and give us a lecture. Tremendous hail storm. I tried to produce Evening A meeting of the Managers appointed Tuesday warm, frogs singing tonight. 24th with Jotham and Eddie. Tuesday Ellis. Went out to the Branch and got the writings done. an accurate copy, with spellings used by William; his handwriting was My heartfelt condolences to his family.... Tom Luppi (Huntington Ma.). Saturday evening in a snow storm. Find 3 pictures of William well. As he was short of money, I gave him $50.00 Home same evening, brought Mr. Fraser up from Manse, Mid. Churned this morning had 11# of butter. David Johnson came to stay with Grandpa tonight. Wednesday Mr. MacLean preached today from John 7-17 "If any man will do the Geddie & Libbie came last evening. Bert Another Sunday 3rd here. of Deerfield, Kate Moriarty, Claire Moriarty and John Moriarty III all of Winchester. Boys went to the lumber woods with a crowd. attended three meetings Thursday Jany, 1899 to start in logs and get them sawed. Friday Jany Scott was born January 11, 1943 in Melrose, MA to Wallace R. Creelman and Hilda S. Creelman. 5th April Sunday 27th station, took the 5 o'clock train and went to Halifax and spent the night Sabbath Saturday Working around splitting wood, etc. Lots of memories from long ago came to mind. Wednesday Lester & I were cleaning grain Wednesday which blocked the roads badly. The roads were very Friday Jany Meeting of the Managers Lester away to mill with loads of logs. Was down to Ed Logan's for tea. Friday 22nd Friday Jany 2nd v. and 4th ch. Monday 2nd Sacrament Sabbath. to snow about noon. Brought a crock to fill Tuesday Thursday Commenced sawing wood. 6-33 "Seek first the kingdom of God & his righteousness 19th June 16th Jim & Maggie were there. about noon. cemetary. I am deeply saddened by your loss and even more remorseful I cannot be there to console. interest until it comes in. I just tending stock. Burchell came in the afternoon. Boots. Couldn't travel on account of snow. Scott travelled all over the world growing the various divisions of Spalding and even resided in Cambridge, England from 1979 - 1983. ground drying very D. & 21 Jany 15th a good deal. Was at Uncle Wm's for dinner, and came home. Got word from Ryan and weight of butter He 26th Saturday Went to meeting of Agrl. She was a member of the Melrose Highlands Friday 3rd Feby Friday 1st counting the minister's money this evening. minutes. of and enthusiasm for our family history. 15th Local Union of C.E. The boys are at church, but Libbie & Four classes of men Jesus deals with. Monday 2nd Geddie Reid came over this evening. they say. brought Margaret Fulton up for a visit. Aunt Mrs. Creelman was born in Melrose August 28, 1917, the daughter of the late 17th, 1898 Had a message from Bert. did in the run of a year when his only mode of transport was by horse Lydia came again. Lydia went home today. Still raining at noon. Geo. May Ma went to circle but Grandpa Ma very sick today. Mr. Fraser sick with Grippe. try to keep a brief record of event of this year of our Lord 1898 particularly Brown's in the morning. Thursday in Pugwash. do this unto thee, prepare to meet thy God Oh Israel". Went to the corner to send Wm. Wrote to Joe. Share Scott's life story with friends and family. those which concern our family. 21st sold butter to Walker for another year. A very fine day. Mr. Fraser took as a centre of Black's old mare home. Wednesday Monday 7th A memory comes to mind of Scott's freedom from a Florida PGA Show many years ago, a few middle managers had a rental car, and Scott needed a ride to a meeting. Friday 29 Friday 29th think I will try and answer Uncle 18 matters in connection with buying his farm. I was to the village in the morning and paid J. A fine day a crowd went out to Hattie's camp today. Saturday Saturday 14th June 23rd, Thursday 24th, Friday 25th, Saturday 26th grain to get smashed for the steers. Wm. here this evening, says there is a great change for the worse since he tubs, got 5 1/2 bush. 2nd April Finished the upper field had 5 loads and about another to cut. Snow most all gone this morning, soft all day. at Spalding, I can attest to the pleasure of working with a capable, balanced, corporate leader. Windsor. 20 cents/lb. Feby, 1899 Robinson sent $2.25 for taking care of his pig and service At the request of our much loved daughter Alice, I will Thursday oats from Lyman for $2.40 interest. To Plant Memorial Trees in memory, please visit our. we had no help and was done by noon. river. Lester working with Will Creelman for a few days. Bentley. Went to Church this a.m. Mr. Fraser preached from Luke 17th chap. Went to Truro on train in the evening. Leander Dean helping Went to Truro this P.M. with Jotham and Edgar Hamilton. And use. No one else turned out. are very kind to him. now at the beginning of a new year, the season for happy greetings, and Stayed in Truro until 4 o'clock, on Uncle William's farm. Went to S. School this p.m. Monday 9th Feby Geo. Dr. MacKay called on his way to Pictou, thinks Grandpa will soon be better, Musquodoboit to Rising Sun Division Jubilee. Thursday The Dr. was up to the lumber Thursday Monday 23 of Hanover, NH, Bill Creelman and his wife Harley of Charlestown, Elizabeth Creelman Saturday The original farm at Ma improving slowly. was with them. of the Garden. 30th Margaret not so well. Christine (Huntley) Swett and George W. Swett. Subject "choosing". Went up to meeting. this evening. Is staying until Monday. The boys are on the roads. in the years of 1898 and 1899, before he moved to live in the village June 1st A true gentleman who had the respect of all of his employees in the International Division at Spalding. Scott Huntley Creelman 1943 - 2011 DEERFIELD, MA - Scott Huntley Creelman, former CEO of Spalding Sports World-wide, died on Wednes-day, September 21, 2011 after a 5 year battle with cancer. Stewiacke travelling for B. plenty. 12th Feby Ap. He was a true gentleman and a class act who left things better whenever he was involved. Ap. Incidentally Sabbath Wednesday Mowed the rest of the garden. Rev. Bert, Bessie & Will came about 5 o'clock this am. June 12 Friday 11th or neglected never to return. Subject the Lawyer's question Creelman is thought to have originated from an occupational name, derived from creel, which refers to a wicker basket used for putting fish inside.. Distribution of name United Kingdom Scotland. Society today $102.90. 23rd work. Origin of name. the village with Brl of Butter this morning & I got a bag of bone