In 1950 famous stars like Marlin Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor usually had short hair with high volume and looks so beautiful. The look is both modern and retro, giving you the best of both worlds. You've thought about it, and you decide you want to cut your hair short but want to test the waters a little first. Have your hair cut to just under your chin and add a nice side part. Don’t let conventions trap you into wearing your hair in an unflattering, unbecoming style. They could be kept straight or made wavy or added curls. Fade buzz the side of your hair to achieve some really short pieces and add some asymmetrical layers to the top and back to make it look piece-y, in a cool way. Shave most of your hair off but keep it a little longer on top to give yourself some volume. The summer reaching its peaks and getting on our nerves always get us thinking of going short. Adding a lot of gradual layers helps give this look its pop and to get the style make sure to give yourself a deep side part over the arch of one eyebrow. If you think you can do it make sure to visit your stylist so your hair is perfect trimmed and you don’t hurt yourself in the process. Jennifer Hudson has rocked a many hairdos, and this chic, short pixie-cut-esque style is just one of them. Pixie cuts are a great way to not hide behind your hair but also so your own personal…, Fall is here and the weather is getting cooler which means it is time to change our summer…, Pixie cuts may seem a little hard to wrap your head around. It allows you to go short but not too short all at once. Sometimes it may seem impossible to have a great hairstyle with thick hair but you’re wrong. Use a flat iron to straighten the top and some texture spray to give yourself some volume. Wear it like Beyonce with some curls, or straight, whatever you’re feeling. It’s wavy, which makes it more gorgeous and perfect for enhancing the features of the face. With a blunt cut and shadow roots, this look is so in right now that your Instagram will be lighting up with compliments. Shaving your head is the perfect way too reset and get great healthy hair. Tyra has been the queen of the runway since she created America's Next Top Model almost 20 years ago, so it only makes sense that her short bob would be as stunning as it is. You can have different types of bobs, pixies, and many more. Consider dyeing your hair a color you never thought you would. Be it straight or wavy, sleek or messy. All kinds of styles worn by the most popular female celebrities - pixie, bob, side-swept, braids, bangs and more. Whether you jammed out hard to any song on Ciara: The Revolution or totally missed peak Ciara, there's no denying this simple straight shoulder-length hair is gorgeous. Highlights are very particular, though, so you may want to go to your salon for this one (post-pandemic, of course). Scarlett Johansson took her pixie cut to the next level by adding bangs to it. The blonde streaks at the front along with the a-line cut help in brightening up your complexion. The whole hairdo gives a messy and flawless look to the lady. Wear it with a middle part so your rounded ends perfectly surround your face and wear it with a slight wave like Anne did here. To get the flapper aspect to the look make sure to add waves to the side of top and keep all your hair slicked down. Similar to Rose here, have your stylist add a little pop of color on the ends of your hair and give yourself something new but not too wild. Pixie cuts may be hard to decided on but get inspiration from Ruth Negga’s curly style. Celebrity Hairstyles For Women Over 40 1. The best thing about this lob is it is still long enough to wear in a pony tail. Amp up your basic pixie cut by adding if a lot of choppy layers and making that pixie a little bit longer. Add in a little highlight like Halle did for a little added drama and you won’t be questioning your short style anymore. Take some inspiration from these celebrities and really go for it. Add a tiny bang to give yourself a little pop and keep everything else super short and buzzed. The lob cut was very popular among female celebrities this year but there are even more options that you can do to really give yourself an edgy new look that will be turning heads. And this hairstyle is a balance between both which perfect for an outing with your friends or a date night. You can pair it up with a short straight dress or a beautiful neck piece. The bob has proved to be the most famous hairstyle of all the short hairstyles. You can start off small by going for a lob and gradually work your way up to something a lot shorter like a cool pixie. This hairstyle consists of light bangs on the sides and front with a side partition. And they let you look so feminine. Add in some side bangs like Taylor did and a nice side part to help give a nice angel to your face. Or for when your cut grows beyond a bob but isn't quite shoulder-length yet. With every color tone, it looks great. Channel Katy Perry and shave most of your head, leaving a lot of length on top. Every time it is unique as you experiment with finishes and textures, the size of the curls and highlights. This next hairstyle is for my trimmed hair friends. The hair is slightly curled at the edges to give it a voluminous look. The process is done with every strand of hair on her head. It was shocking for most to see the Hermoine Granger without her poufy hair but Emma Watson sure looked stunning in her Bob. When you create your Bob make sure to add some bangs and a slight wave to give it a flapper feel. If you don’t have your own natural curl, use a corkscrew curling iron to obtain some gorgeous ones yourself. Taylor Swift is a style icon in numerous ways and her hair is included in that. Jennifer Lawrence. The great thing about a lob is the numerous ways you can wear it, that’s one of the reasons it is so popular today. Add in some layers to keep the pixie a little wild and include a side part so the top is a little longer on one side. If you aren’t 100% ready to chop it all off, why not try a Bob instead? The cut and color of the hairstyle are perfect for a vacation with your love or day out with friends. Madison Alcedo was the Assistant Editor at and Lana Condor and her angel self snuck into our hearts when she starred in Netflix's To All The Boys I've Loved Before as Korean-American Lara Jean Covey. Keep the sides a little short and the top longer with some dramatic bangs. 52 Easy Hairstyles for Girls to Try Before School. Short hairs are the new trend, and they have been taking over the beauty world this year more than ever before. This hairstyle is very comfortable for little school-going girls with some colorful pins etc. If legendary Tyra Banks can rock a cropped hairstyle, so can you. Short hair is a constant source of inspiration and empowerment. This hairstyle is easy to wear and really works with any face type and hair type. You can even add a little volume to your pixie by brushing it out or keep it tame with some hairspray. When Jennifer Lawrence takes unruly curls rocking down the red carpet you know it’s officially a … Similar to a pixie, this cut is super short but trust us you’re going to want to wear it.