Bruce Dillin, the owner of Dillin Tire Co. on Kennedy Boulevard and a longtime friend of Wepner's, was accepting an award at a local PAL dinner in 1996. Kangaroos hit hard!”. He did not use the argu-ment that Stallone had stolen his life-story, but protested against the usage of his name with-out permission in the context of promotion activities, as Stallone always tells on DVD’s and dur-ing performances that has inspired him. Look out below: Horrifying pic shows snake eel burst out of bird's stomach in... Wepner swings at Muhammad Ali in the second round of their heavyweight title bout. Word had gotten out that Wepner was supposedly the inspiration for “Rocky.” He lied to friends, saying that he had been paid for his life rights. “I was [also] asked to fight a kangaroo in South Africa, but I told them to forget about it. Wepner was in the midst of a hard-partying binge, including a cocaine habit, that would eviscerate much of his $100K windfall. It bears a striking resemblance to Wepner, just with a little more muscle tone. Sitemap "The stairway made famous by Stallone as his workout... it was really Chuck Wepner getting ready for Ali at that stairway," he said. “But I had a shot to win a title against the most famous man in the world.”, Wepner went the distance, but the match was brutal. Wu has paid a price: he must deal with Dillin on a daily basis. “Stallone said, ‘I’ll hook you up in Bulgaria, where I shoot my “Rambo” movies.’ ”, Still, Wepner would not mind one more favor from the Hollywood star, who brought the Rocky character back to the big screen for “Creed” in 2015. Nevertheless, in 2003, Wepner sued the actor for hijacking his life. He is not expecting a great deal anyway. “I was upset about [not being compensated] and had a lot of pride,” he said. Stallone tried to make good on the slight by offering him a role in the sequel. Manager Al Braverman has said that they took this undignified gig strictly for the money. "I always bothered him. The first was at Asbury Park’s Convention Hall in 1976. “It is ridiculous that Stallone returns to the ring to fight for the title at 61 years of age.” He stopped at 40 in order to “be able to speak and listen normally when I would be old.” Most of the boxers from his generation now have “soft brains”, he says. Wepner’s checkered life story — including allegedly inspiring Sylvester Stallone to write “Rocky” — is chronicled in the new movie “Chuck,” starring Liev Schreiber and opening in theaters Friday. By the end of the fight, my body was beet red.”, Their rematch went no better: “That bear charged me again, stood on his hind legs and threw me out of the ring,” said Wepner, now 78. NBA star's trade demand adds new twist to Knicks' Chris Paul chase, Former college football star, Jet dead at 27, Walmart's Early Black Friday TV & Streaming Deals, Fenty Beauty highlighters discounted 25 percent for flash sale, The 37 cutest face masks available online for covering up in style, Nike takes 20 percent off sneakers, apparel and more for exclusive sale, 25 best early Black Friday 2020 deals you can already shop, New podcaster Megyn Kelly and CNN's Chris Cuomo trade jabs on Twitter, Look out below: Horrifying pic shows snake eel burst out of bird's stomach in midair. I have to catch this inside power, that's very important. ", Bruce Dillon, left, and sculptor Zhen Wu pose with the statue of Chuck Wepner that is still a work in progress. Follow him on Twitter @coreymacc. And his [fur] was like Brillo. A giant without grace. The old neighbors laugh and joke around while they stand in front of a striking sculpture of Wepner that Wu is creating. © 1995 – 2020 Peter Hossli | design by swissmiss “She’s a princess,” says Wepner. Dillin, meanwhile, is still on the hook for roughly $10,000 under the contract. Ali won by surprise. Sylvester Stallone took notice and allegedly based his Rocky Balboa character on “the Bleeder.” Released in 1976, “Rocky” was a low-budget film with an essentially unknown writer-star (Stallone), but it went on to become the highest-grossing film of the year and win three Oscars, including Best Picture.