Then we created a ranking based on Violent crime rate 2017. Some cities are tied because of the same average of two ranks. Following the Toledo War between Michigan and Ohio, the town of Toledo was officially incorporated into the state of Ohio in 1837. For example, there were 496 murders in Chicago in 2015, compared with 762 in 2016. Located right over the state line from Springfield, Massachusetts, the capital of Connecticut also isn’t doing so well in terms of safety, being the 22nd most dangerous city in America, and registering 1,140 violent crimes per 100,000 people . Known for assaults, maybe the people there wouldn’t have such hot heads if they didn’t each so much spicy Buffalo sauce! If you don’t want a complex installation, there are a number of wireless systems as well . There is a brutal threat of terrorism in Nairobi, with frequent attacks being carried out. Population >= 100,000. This city is plagued by crime in all its forms: gang violence, drug alliance killings and extensive extortion compounded by a fear of authorities. Westerners are also warned of all but essential travel to low-income areas of the city, which experience high crime levels. No credit card required. However, there are some surprises, as well, including Baton Rouge, Louisiana (#10), Anchorage, Alaska (#4) and Minneapolis, Minnesota (#8). Looking at the cities with the highest increase in violent crime (Table 3), we do not find booming megalopolises, but rather smaller communities just breaking the population threshold. This is a two-part study. India has one of the largest road networks in the world, but despite that India’s roads are counted amongst the most unsafe... As per Wikipedia, the business of prostitution is legal in India. 1910 onwards till world war II, Korea was ruled by Japanese. Let us take a look at these cities and their 'crime records'. The data is made available for the public to view, download and analyze. Plastic is everywhere. Baltimore is a tough town, with even prestigious universities like Johns Hopkins being surrounded by crime ridden neighborhoods. However, with an increase in police presence and an entire police operation dedicated to breaking apart and stomping out gang violence, this town has become much safer, especially compared to the 1990’s when the town produced the conditions which helped form gangsta rap music. A listing of the cities with the highest rates of crime within the United States. In some cities, murder rates increased at alarming speeds. Here are 5... Listice magazine is an entertainment and information blogging from . Despite the high violent crime rates plaguing these cities, there is evidence that, overall, the violence is lessening, and will continue to do so. Despite being in such close proximity to wealth, this town of 315,000 has been termed “one of the most miserable cities in California” and, with a poverty rate of over 25 percent, actually filed for chapter nine bankruptcy in 2013. However, most of the crime in the city occurred in the poorer eastern section of the river town. All the trademarks displayed on this page are the property of Location, Inc®. The second most dangerous locality on this list, the 45,000 strong town of Monroe in northern Louisiana seems to be full of rowdiness. The municipality itself is bankrupt, having been the largest American city to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection in 2013, leaving little money for police. The projections were drawn from a combination of police department figures and media reports. While this city, which is situated on the banks of the Arkansas River, may look beautiful to an outsider, it has one of the highest homicide rates in the country, and an even higher youth homicide rate. If you’re stuck in one of the most dangerous cities, there are a few ways you can still keep yourself safer then most. To put this in perspective, this is about the same level of lawlessness as is seen in Colombia, a country which has been in a civil and drug war for over 50 years! Oakland has always been known as San Francisco’s dangerous little brother from across the bay. This city was the largest city in the United States to file for Chapter 9 Bankruptcy until Detroit did it in 2013. The Caspian Sea is classed as the biggest enclosed area of water on the planet. Despite a low unemployment rate, over one out of every five Hoosier residents of the Circle City live below the poverty line, driving the crime rate up to 1,288 crimes per 100,00 people, a relatively high number for a city with a population of only 850,000 people. Reach him at Then we transformed the Total crime rate variable using x’ = log(x+1) so that the skewness is reduced. With such a high rates of murder, robberies and violence, these cities abide the name of ‘the places of chaos and death’ or ‘the murder capitals of the world’. That’s a worse unemployment rate than some Central American countries! If it is positive, that means the crime rate went up; in some cities, the crime rate increased more than other cities; the rank captures which cities have the highest increase in crime rates. On this list, we find Memphis, Tennessee (#1), Baltimore, Maryland (#3), and St. Louis, Missouri (#6), mid-sized cities plagued perennially with gun murders and other violent crime. Crime data we use are the most recent data the FBI classifies as ‘Final, non-preliminary.’  It is the most up-to-date and fully vetted data with complete national coverage that is available. Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan and is also its largest seaport and financial hub. This former capital of Pakistan has been overrun by political violence, gang shootings, and even suicide bombings. Finally, if you have elderly family who don’t have a caretaker, they should probably check out our best medical alert system page. Assaults and robberies run rampant in this northwestern Ohio rustbelt town, with 1,128 violent crimes per 100,000 people. This is a place you definitely don’t want to be if the bruins lose a game! Now, Anniston and Bessemer are plagued by unemployment rates significantly higher than the national average, while the service industry jobs that have replaced manufacturing jobs in these communities often don’t come close to providing a decent living wage. These results tell a different story than what you usually encounter when hearing about the crime problem in America, but the issue is complex and multi-faceted. Just like in other rust belt towns before it, this city on the banks of Lake Michigan has a third of its residents living below the poverty line, with murders, assaults, and other violence being the norm in the city’s urban neighborhoods. For more information on how to interpret FBI crime data, click here. Table 5 is an interesting way to look at cities with violent crime issues from a different perspective, by averaging a city’s violent crime rate with its increase in violent crime over the last year of available data. Considered by many United States government agencies to be a “failed city,” there were 295 murders there in 2015 alone. There were 90 murders in the city in 2015 alone, and statistics show that killings, along with various types of assaults are only increasing in number and getting worse. On, consumers will find important research, articles, reports, and everything else they need to know about home security and safety. Again, 18 of the top 20 cities for the projected highest murder rates are run by Democrats. The biggest city in the biggest state in the United States (but not the capital! Enjoy more articles by logging in or creating a free account. And that’s not to mention all of the political corruption in the Illinois State House as well! This is the largest selling price range in India. The difference is that the larger cities also have more affluent, low crime areas that lower their overall violent crime rates, while their smaller satellite cities do not.​. As it turns out, Anchorage has the most cases of non-consensual relations in the country! For more information, see our FAQ on how we rank the most dangerous cities in America, Jan 2, 2018 | by: Dr. Andrew Schiller |. Despite being home to more corporations than anywhere else in the United States, Wilmington still comes in at the fifth most dangerous city to reside in the United States, with a violent crime rate of 1,826 violent crimes per 100,000 people. But what do the medals mean, how are they earned, and where do t…, Here are some of the notable people celebrating birthdays today, including Calista Flockhart, Demi Moore, Jon Batiste, Leonardo DiCaprio, Stan…. From world leaders to Kamala Harris's friends, see reactions to Joe Biden's projected win over President Donald Trump. With nearly a third of the city’s residents in poverty, and the rate of violent crimes at 1,740 incidents per 100,000 people, police say that the problem is only getting worse. With police mostly corrupt, Ciudad Juarez is known as one of the most violent places in the world outside of war zones. Data used for this research are 1) the number of violent crimes reported to the FBI to have occurred in each city, and 2) the population of each city. Aberdeen Aberdeen, since a long has had been the target of street criminals. Originally founded as a port city on the Missouri River, this town of nearly half a million residents straddles both Kansas and Missouri. This city is plagued by crime in all its forms: gang violence, drug alliance killings and extensive extortion compounded by a fear of authorities. Honduras is now among the most dangerous places on Earth. Listice is a fun magazine and You can read, write and share each stuff in Top 10 or List format. Our nationally-comparable school ratings are covered under US Patent No. The “surprise” is that cities of such size make up a minority of the 100 cities with high violent crime rates.