A riot in a drab housing project outside Paris leaves one participant on his deathbed, a victim of police brutality. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Broken by war, it was reduced by communism to drab uniformity, and a way of life was lost forever. In the XIIth Dynasty a hard thin drab ware was common, like the modern qulleh water flasks. The drab and boring party was enhanced when the DJ and band arrived. It was a world of drab tones that she came into. No matter how great a flattering cut or gorgeous color may be, without proper maintenance and trims, a fab style can quickly turn drab. Holidays and other special occasions are the perfect time to pull out boys' holiday ties and dress up a drab wardrobe. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. If the other wedding decorations, flowers, and dresses have a bright, lively color palette, using a black and white cake may seem drab or out of place. Some appeared to be rather drab. drab encounter against the FA Cup finalists. We figured it was a bonus for having Show More Sentences Females are a mottled drab brown with a long, orange, black splotched bill, black crown, dark eye-line, and orange legs. • Camo is no longer strictly olive drab; you can choose combinations from black and white to sunset tones. All Rights Reserved. Drab; Dozens of olive drab U. Drab browns and greys, a. Avoid dark or drab colors and opt for bright and cheerful tones. Drab definition is - slattern. The skins that are not perfectly white are dyed jet black, dark or light smoke, violet-blue, blue-grey, and also in imitation of the drab shades of the natural blue. Sure, you can't put furniture there, but sprucing up the drab space will go a long way to making the room feel more like a home away from home. Additional troubleshooting information here. Pregnancy isn't the time to become boring and drab, it's a time to celebrate. drab uniformity, and a way of life was lost forever. Although called blue, the colour is a slaty or drab tone. Check your DNS Settings. If you keep the included protector case on at all times, these great colors are unfortunately hidden by the drab black. Plus size clothing does not have to be drab or boring as evidenced by their past use of brightly colored printed or solid fabrics. The pants are an olive drab in color, long trousers with a high waist that are held up with a thick brown leather belt. Although still largely made from wool, drab gray swimsuits now gave way to more colorful patterns. Gone are the days of drab khakis-only dress. Not the picture of Aussie health we're accustomed to locally, she looks like one of those stock-standard European skinnies with her gaunt face, In summer it bloomed with such richness that it hurt the eyes, flowers flushed to shrubs, the bluebells and snowdrops pushed their way through the, The shape-changer looked down at himself, observing, Meathead nodded down the hallway where two olive, Handicrafts have been directed not only to fulfil one's daily requirement but to add beauty and brightness in the otherwise dull and, Every one of them seemed to have a stream of people entering or leaving them, except for one, a squat building painted brightly against its, Supermodel and forces sweetheart Nell McAndrew provided a welcome splash of glamour against the, It's the only point of interest in his excruciatingly, Does he cut a dashing figure against the grey landscape of, No trace, only my cigarette smoke, hovering like a wraith, betrayed my presence by leaving the shadow of its scent as it passed through, What should have been a fast flowing cat-and-mouse chase, with the highs and lows of your stomach on a bumpy sea ride, manoeuvres into two-and-a-half hours of, But why do the outdoor scenes look as dank and, The country grew tired of the relentless pictures of death in, Inauguration of Government-owned facilities are generally, I believed that such wondrous girls walked around Rome with birds on their heads while I suffered the, This meant cotton khaki for summer and interim use of the earlier olive, Would-be commandos are deployed in groups of up to six, each kitted out in, Somehow, the stained, scrubbily painted areas of khaki, olive, Ineffable sarcasm underlined the word 'bride', suggesting that Mrs Mudge must be a, Workers at Asda have been told they can swop, For some reason they weren't encouraged with the same visionary spirit, but dismissed to a. Drab in a sentence. Use "drab" in a sentence. Even though your formal look may be a bit drab, don't shy away from some color. The city had a tired, old look about it, especially in neigh­borhoods like the purported residence of J. Cleary. A great performance by Polanski as the boring, I was working in the day for commercial illustrators in Pitt Street and it was a, Looking around I could see clumps of snowdrops which brightened the, After months in the desert, surrounded by, Outside of the breeding season, the male is, Part of this comes from the business, but part of it comes from creative use of, For the costumes they had gone quite traditional Isreali with long skirts for both sexes and very, The castle was a dark grey in stone, built into a lush gray mountain, on top of earth that was a very, Set in the middle-of-nowhere, the color schemes of, As if dressing for their performance, the males turn from, The action opens with Vince drinking and drugging his way through an evening in a, The dancers are dressed unisexly in suits and ties, raincoats and fedoras, the colours, The meet and the hunt provided a dash of colour in the lives of all during the otherwise, Why were the noble elite of an advanced Iron Age tribe dressed in, However, the lush arrangements of their music are more alt-country than, Modern feminists don't want to trade in their femininity for, When you take the colour from things it robs the world of its vitality and wonder, and leaves things, He does not ignore the psychological complexities of Ellison, who was not the, Those small moments of relative lushness are magnified, become powerful and touching, in their, This sunny, summer evening, we are watching small dogs scrabble around on a, As a mulch, bark is a boon, but its colour can make for a, Garbed in regally beaded, colorful gowns of orange and blue-green instead of their normally, The chill air was calm and utterly still, columns of smoke rising vertically from the city's chimneys, reaching toward the, There has been nothing unsaid about interior decorative showpieces and how they have helped change a, Clement Attlee, himself an uncharismatic and rather, He uses interiors and outdoor locations which are believably, Each footstep raised a small cloud of dusty ochre Virginia clay, turning the olive, The Winter Wren is a tiny woodland bird whose song is as elaborate as its plumage is, However, as a newcomer to the area, I was disappointed how, Plants with fascinating leaf shapes and variegated foliage can turn your shade garden from a, They seemed to be called away from whatever task they happened to be doing, dressed in, They were both dressed so that it was easy to mark them down as gypsy kin, their faded but bright clothes easy to spot amongst the normal gray, With a pair or so of Carley floats decorating her side and several overall coats of, In a city like Vancouver, straddling the cusp between becoming beautiful, and settling for uninspired, The 46-year-old, who has long lived in relative quiet, sat down with a journalist in a, Her first letter had appeared other-worldly among the, It could make a person, an artist even, that hypothetical cipher of freedom from, A splendid Stalagmite standing 2 to 3 feet high and set apart from the, The aircraft were originally delivered with yellow flying surfaces and olive, Grouping four or five boxwood in one area and using different sized pots make an eyecatching bright green display to brighten up an otherwise. Check your DNS Settings. The whole thing looks drab and is very dreary and depressing, without being particularly moving. 41. Somber and drab, the gloomy hospital room made the depressed patient even sadder. Maybe I'm making this sound more drab than it was in reality. The whole is again put through the cleaning process and evenly reduced in thickness by revolving emery wheels, and eventually finished off in the palest buff colour. The six petal blossom with a multitude of bright yellow stamens is a pleasure to see amid the drab winter landscape of most gardens. Lydia Larkin was seated at a desk in the drab outer room, looking as pensive as Fred O'Connor back in his cell. Philosophers have a reputation for being boring, speaking in incomprehensible jargon, and in general being drab. The most common cause is that your DNS settings are incorrect. Some wore drab colors such as off white, tan, beige, brown or grey. The resplendent nature of the garden greatly improved the curb appeal of the otherwise drab cottage. drab gray of winter yields to the lush green of spring. 19. Although called blue, the colour is a slaty or drab tone. Even the most fashionable or desirable items can look drab and boring if there are not worn well. The women pale and staring under the sun. The city's murals can enliven an otherwise drab location. 2. You can use decorations to make a small bathroom look bigger, a dark bathroom look brighter or a drab, older bathroom look modern and welcoming. Perhaps the greatest benefit is that cinnamon is a flavorful, calorie-free spice, making diet foods a little less drab. Please contact your hosting provider to confirm your origin IP and then make sure the correct IP is listed for your A record in your Cloudflare DNS Settings page. And with a blast of a horn the drab had vanished. They make the illustrations in the guide seem very drab. Examples of Drab in a sentence. 115. Bedrooms are sparsely furnished and the dining rooms look drab. Beyond a rather drab, static menu page, the extras herein are great. If your website images are looking a bit drab and outdated, why not have a 360° photo done? It's quite lush at this level but higher up the scenery becomes drab with a number of glacial moraines. What better way to rain on that parade then to introduce the drab, dark, and evil black balls. The female is drab, but shows the same white markings as the male, and the young males resemble the females until after the first autumn moult, when they gradually assume the plumage of their sex. There's nothing that says dog beds need to come in drab colors and boring patterns. But there are also poor patches of grass and a few small pools to brighten an otherwise drab landscape. Halogen accent lights-Place these accent lights under your kitchen cabinets and transform your kitchen from a drab, boring area to an eye-catching room bathed in warmth. A 523 error means that Cloudflare could not reach your host web server. In addition to drab hues, blue and pink pastel cosmetics can be tricky to pull off without distracting from your hair color. A drab brown little bird, it has a weak but musical song, which doesn't carry far but can be heard from low bushes or hedges. How They Changed the World By William C. Burger The world would be a pretty drab place without flowers. That being said, however, I also don't want to look like a plain-Jane that blends into the drab beige carpeting!