Returning to camp with Long Tom's corpse, he swears to Buffalo Will that if he ever sees him again he'll kill him. Clicking on a square in the "waterfall" display will fill in the appropriate value for whichever input is highlighted. This color was named with the keyword Earth Green by the users. 22. Hex decides to leave the camp with Spotted Balls and the squaw because he doesn't like the way things are run. #009446 hex color red value is 0, green value is 148 and the blue value of its RGB is 70. [31] He is attacked by another bounty hunter who tries to steal his rewards, but Jonah tricks the man and leaves him to die in the desert. [39] Having murdered Landon, Turnbull reveals the gambit to Hex and puts a woman named Joanna Mosby in danger. [19] When some bandits he's hunting down injure an old lady who had shown him kindness, he funds a children's hospital to make sure she gets the medicine she needs before chasing them down and slaughtering them. [42] Jonah takes a job to rescue a kidnapped girl from the Apache tribe that raised him, and the bounty hunter Henri d'Aubergnon tracks him down. [79] They launch an assault on the underground tunnel system where the rest of the worms live, slaughtering them as they go and blowing up their queen with dynamite. Grant.

All-Star Western Vol 2 #10(March, 1972) Hex values: #2E342B LAB: 20.87-4.68: 4.84 : CMYK: 12: 0: 17: 80; Approx.

Incomplete [85] Bat Lash helps him take revenge against a corrupt sheriff who framed him. Switching between value formats will translate whatever values are in place. [28], One of his oldest friends challenges him to a duel for pay, and Jonah is forced to watch the man die. [50], Jonah Hex disappeared in a flash of light one night at a saloon in 1875. [64] Briefly, Jonah is captured by two cannibals and forced to escape through the sewers. Hex code: #e1dd72, #a8c66c, #1b6535 [38] Briefly taken in by a kindly blind man, he protects the cripple's homestead from greedy miners. [27] He is challenged to duel a young boy whose father died at Fort Charlotte, and pretends to lose.

Blue-Green Gradient.

[3], Jonah Hex was inspired to become a bounty hunter after murdering his first criminal, the outlaw "Mad Dog" Lucas McGill.

[26] His next bounty is a gang that does his job for him by shooting each other to death out of greed.

Farnham approaches him to become part of a Wild West Revue show in his old age, but Hex angrily refuses to let them turn him into a sideshow. He barely escapes with his life to discover that he has been framed for the murder of a small-town Sheriff. Hex was a gruff anti-hero with a deep personal code of honor that kept him on the side of good despite his violent tendencies. "Clear" removes all values and colors, but does not change the current value format.

[18] Fort Lang is seemingly attacked by Indians, and Hex uncovers a railroad conspiracy to drive them off their land.

[9], The town of Paradise Corners hires him to take down a criminal named Big Jim, but when he thinks of settling down there they shun him and treat him like a monster. Jonah Hex fought against the Shadow Demons alongside Bat Lash, Cyborg, Firebrand, Green Lantern, Johnny Thunder, Nighthawk, Psimon and Scalphunter. His life story is documented by Michael Wheeler. [51] He was abducted from his own era by the villainous Reinhold Borsten, who transported him into a post-apocalyptic Seattle, Washington in the 21st century. [99], He is reanimated during Blackest Night as an undead member of the Black Lantern Corps, wielding a power ring. [30] Rescuing the girl, he realizes that her father is slaughtering the local Indians led by "Crazy" Joe Bigfoot and intervenes on their behalf. He hires a master-of-disguise named Chameleon to murder Hex, but they leave him in a burning house and escape.

The evil collector is shot in the back before he can murder them, and it is implied that Jonah Hex's vengeful spirit returned to protect his wife from beyond the grave.

The Lord of Time sends members of the League back to the 19th Century in an absurd plot to rule the world. [20], While tracking down Blackjack Jorgis, Hex is ambushed by ex-Confederates sent by Quentin Turnbull to avenge the death of his son. [13] Iron Jaws dies after venturing deep into the desert to rescue Hex from dying of exposure where two outlaws had tied him up. Despite having no powers, Jonah Hex has beaten, Despite his demeanor, there have been several Jonah Hex, Jonah Hex's post-demise exploits echo real-life outlaw.

[65] Jonah is forced to fight the deadly brainwashed Stiletta, but he brings her back to normal after knocking her out.[66].

Perfect for a food product or restaurant, this organic color scheme combines four pastel earth tones to highlight nature and the environment.

[2] He is rescued by Cavalry patrollers, who were hunting scalps of Native Americans to Fort Hastings for $ 25 each (a fortune at the time); they shoot him in the gut when he tries to stop their slaughter on two Kiowa kids. [45] Eventually the Five Warriors rebelled against their master and assaulted the Palace of Eternity. This is the color green that Green Earth Electronics Recycling uses.

This infuriates Buffalo Will, who sends an armed posse led by Long Tom to murder them.