303  Sascha Sokolowwski Germany Fantail Class }  Apps     Even old hands in North American Guppy breeding circles found themselves astonished by the diversity of captive-bred fish that arrived by the hundreds for international judging in Tampa, Florida, September 3-7, 2015. Our show culminated with a fabulous auction where all the pair entries from the show were auctioned off. This Guppy was swimming in one of our planted aquariums, when our DrTom snapped this picture. of the flakes and formulas we feed in our hatchery. http://www.18thworldguppycontest2015.com/, http://www.tofino-bc.com/guppy/lechmere.htm, http://talltalesfromthetrees.blogspot.com/2012/05/robert-john-lechmere-guppy-1836-1916.html, Florida Fancy Guppy Club I have been breeding guppies for over 40 years (born 1950) and have exhibited my guppies in many IFGA shows as well as guppy shows in Europe and the Far East. Whether you're starting out with a 10-gallon guppy tank, a 30-gallon Angelfish and Tetra Aquarium, a 55-gallon African Cichlid Tank, or even a 125-250 gallon showcase aquarium with monster fish like Arowana, Oscars, and Jack Dempseys- we have something for everyone!! Image: Amy DiMeo. After the Segrest tour they boarded the bus and visited the University of Florida Aquaculture Laboratory in Ruskin, Florida. The guests were in awe of the size and complexity of the facilities and the various factors that have to be handled on a daily basis that have gone into making this company what it is today. It was attended by over a hundred bidders and the bidding was quite competitive and entertaining. These goldfish are an inexpensive alternative for koi's, and are perfect for the outdoors. The group transported by tour bus was greeted by President Sandy Moore who along with her staff led the group through the Segrest complex. A Breeder’s Notes Beginner's Fish, Baby Fish With our hard work and effort I have shown many fish and won numerous awards.We were a certified Dismiss, Michael's Mutts 5 Pack of MALE Mutt Guppies, Blue Tux Guppy Pair (1 Male and 1 Female). I want to know when is the next guppy competition in Florida I think I have a winner let me knowthx. All our babies are raised in uncrowded conditions to achieve maximum growth.We Guarantee We breed for genetically sound fish in our disease-free hatchery. -->,