The man behind Reel Art Press publishing house, Nourmand is an expert on vintage cinema posters. That’s not to say that all the posters were defiantly anti-commercial. Shipping On Orders Over $75, Celebrating cerebration, curiosity and femininity. They’re very different approaches.”. In this genre you will find original posters for the French New Wave films by Jean-Luc Godard, Francois Truffaut, Claude Chabrol and other french directors. “When Jaws came out, that image of the shark rising up to the swimming woman became a key image – they used it in France, in Italy, in Japan. News & Discussion about Major Motion Pictures. See size chart. Created: Jun 15, 2019| Updated: Jun 16, 2019, French New Wave POSTER (.pdf) - Media Studies, Suitable for use with Australian Curriculum - Film, Television and New Media Syllabus - Unit 4: Identity. Original release german movie poster. When he remarks at “how fresh and modern” the New Wave posters look today, Nourmand is not just celebrating a high point of movie poster design but also lamenting the inexorable decline that followed. The French New Wave is one of the most important movements in the history of film. Detail of the French poster for A Man and a Woman (1966) by René Ferracci. to help give you the best experience we can. The French New Wave was a film movement from the 1950s and 60s and one of the most influential in cinema history. To order a copy go to or call 020-3176 3837. If any images are incorrectly credited or uncredited, please contact me and I will happily correct the accreditation or remove the image. Para o seu mais recente projeto, o artista usa suas pinceladas mescladas com traços de cores vivas e técnicas de ilustração digital na criação de retratos da nova, Penguin French edition not published 1965 Cover design Gregory Boerum. “In the same way that they gave Godard and Truffaut freedom, distributors also gave the poster artists freedom. Published this week by his own Reel Art Press, the book draws almost exclusively from the collection that Nourmand – who was born in Tehran, but has lived in the UK since 1976 – started back in 1990. Nobody else seemed to care.”. But with a film like [Godard’s] Weekend, the German poster, designed by Hans Hillman, is very typographical, whereas the Japanese poster, by Kiyoshi Awazu, could almost have been done by Warhol. R091 OCR CAMBRIDGE NATIONALS CREATIVE iMEDIA - DESIGNING A GAME CONCEPT - EVERY LESSON + RESOURCES! These posters are around 60 years old, yet incredibly, they still feel modern. See more ideas about French new wave, Jean luc godard, French cinema. Much has been written over the decades about the French New Wave – about its rebellious young auteurs and the technical innovations they pioneered, about the influence they’ve exerted on successive generations of film-makers. A lot of them went to art school and were aware of what was going on [in art].” (See, for example, the Pop Art fist in Andrzej Krajewski’s poster for Alphaville.) Their stock has certainly risen since those days, but, curiously, this artwork from one of the most explosively creative moments in cinema history is still far less prized than classic Hollywood posters. It is now, he claims, the largest collection of French New Wave advertising material in the world, containing more than 3,000 items including photographs, press-books and magazines. Nourmand has been collecting posters from all over the world ever since the early ’90s. Today, with trailers and leaked details online, it’s probably the last thing that the distributors think about, because you know everything you need to know about a film before you even see the poster.” But why, within a field as risk-averse as poster design, was so much imagination and experimentalism allowed to flourish over the course of a decade? Last modified on Wed 23 Sep 2020 15.11 BST, When Tony Nourmand began collecting movie posters and other print memorabilia from the French New Wave 30 years ago, he could usually pick them up for next to nothing. “Movies like Casablanca, Bullitt or The Exorcist were made by major studios,” says Nourmand, “so their posters were more conservative.” The poster design for films by Jean-Luc Godard, François Truffaut and other boundary-pushing French directors of the late 1950s and 60s was anything but. Features of the film movement: Key Films (4), Background, Form, Narrative and Influence. La Chinoise (1967), Japanese one sheet Kiyoshi Awazu. The artworks in the collection, though, were designed in different parts of the world, in Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Japan, the US and communist-era eastern Europe. Others, such as Jolanta Karczewska’s Polish treatment of Zazie dans le Métro (Louis Malle, 1960), favour riotous bursts of colour. Celebrate Book Week with 'Shirley Purdie: My Story, Ngaginybe Jarragbe', Behold George Harrison's psychedelic 1966 selfies from India, For the first time in history, an Indigenous artist has won the Archibald prize. Conditions. London WC1R 4HQ. Shop affordable wall art to hang in dorms, bedrooms, offices, or anywhere blank walls aren't welcome. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Check out some of the incredible posters below. His latest release, French New Wave: A Revolution in Design, delves into some of the iconic posters behind influential mid-20th century French art cinema. Far less attention has been paid to the designers who created a visual identity for the films around their release. Italian designers also liked to accentuate the glamour of the stars, while the US posters tended to be overrun with quotes from approving critics ( only three American designers feature in the book). Suitable for use with Foreign Film Media Studies. Show. A brand new book, French New Wave: A Revolution in Design, examines the seminal movement in cinema from a firmly design-led point of view. To celebrate the acclaimed French festival we pay a tribute to renowned Jean-Luc Godard’s typography. (He sold the whole lot to an English collector in 2011, but was given full access for this project.). Its fresh energy and vision changed the cinematic landscape and it has had a seminal impact on pop culture.