Never in her life had she done anything so brazen. Then we get this call and tell 'em it's done and they say turn off at the next exit and get the hell out of there. It was long believed that work done against such forces was lost, and it was not till the r9th century that the energy thus transformed was traced; the conservation of energy has become the master-key to unlock the connexions in inanimate nature. I know you've done so much for me already, but I need to know. So far he hadn't done anything to make her think he would actually physically harm her. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Among the imported flora are tea, Siberian coffee, cocoa, Ceara rubber (which has not done well), Manila hemp, teak, cocoanut and a number of ornamental trees, fruit-trees, vegetables and garden plants. He was one of those who held that nothing should be done hastily, and that few crimes were worse than the waste of time.". I'm trying to get something done around here! Last week she made her doll an apron, and it was done as well as any child of her age could do it. Cleary must have done something in Scranton that leaves a trail. Without worrying about demons or Kris or anything. Before I had done I was more the friend than the foe of the pine tree, though I had cut down some of them, having become better acquainted with it. 12. ", “Whenever I need a text in English to get revised, Textranch is my go-to online resource. Thanks for your vote! But if I'd looked closely at what they said took place, I'd have seen that just wasn't something Jeff would have done. We've said no to every sort of reunion, lately there's one that we sort of are gravitating towards. He interceded for her in vain with the king, as he had done in the cases of Fisher, More and the monks of Christchurch. She searched his face but found no clue as to what she had done wrong. Everything was done without any orders being given. Thus we recognize that the work done varies as the resistance overcome and the distance through which it is overcome conjointly. Much has also been, though much remains to be, done in the way of bonificamento, i.e. He's going to get it done very quickly and very, very well. Teachers of the deaf proved a priori that what Miss Sullivan had done could not be, and some discredit was reflected on her statements, because they were surrounded by the vague eloquence of Mr. Anagnos. Shorty, you stay out of this or I'll tan your hide the way I should have done years ago. All our cuddling was done outside those doors. I'll get it done by tomorrow. The active voice would be: "The boys backed the wagon up the hill." A: "The baby knocked her bottle onto the ground." Considerable trade is done in agro di limone or lemon extract, which forms the basis of citric acid. She deserved nothing less than to die broken and alone after what she'd done to her baby. I didn’t do the inspection. "You would be ashamed to know what I've done," he said. His mother says there was a lot of experimental stuff done on him while he was out of it. One evening after the children were all in bed, Carmen climbed the stairs to see if Alex was done with his work yet. What would you have done if it had been a bear? Great experience! For further information we may refer to F. In that body he sat as quietly as he had done in the National Assembly, but on the occasion of the king's trial he had to speak, and then only to give his vote for the death of Louis. I got a cavity in my molar filled. I don't think both of us will make it out of the underworld. The last example shows a slightly different way this can be used. It wouldn't have been enough, if there weren't other issues, but you got lucky. He chuckled – the first time he had done so since the accident. It is super easy to use, and the proofreaders are so professional and responsive. If he was going to take advantage of her, he certainly would have done it before now. If she wanted to catch him alone, she'd better get it done now. There is, then, a good deal that Miss Sullivan has done for Miss Keller which no other teacher can do in just the same way for any one else. The perforation of the paper when done by hand is usually performed by means of small mallets, but at the central telegraph office in London, and at other large offices, the keys are only used for opening air-valves, the actual punching being done by pneumatic pressure. We're always searching for new editors to join our team! What would you have done if you knew it was the last day? As for lodging, it is true they were but poorly entertained, though what they found an inconvenience was no doubt intended for an honor; but as far as eating was concerned, I do not see how the Indians could have done better. She'd done what Claire never would—risked getting killed by Others to save him. Hunt; the landscape gardening was done by Frederick Law Olmsted. He needed her and she had done nothing but argue with him and make his life more complicated. For one terrifying moment the enormity of what they had done brought her close to panic. I should have done better had I called on him. Examples of Get It Done in a Sentence. He was still watching her – probably wondering what he had done to irritate her – maybe even wondering if she was upset or merely busy.