go off . I should think he'd, He said when he pulled the pin out of the Mills bomb, he was always afraid it would, But though I could hardly hold the gun, unless with my back against a bar, it did me good to hear it, All puddings must be boiled in plenty of water, turned frequently, kept closely covered, and never allowed to, In Homeland it's portrayed as a grimy hellhole and war zone where shootouts and bombs, Duffy will wait to discovert he full extentof the injury that forced defender Lee Wilkie to, The summer camp was being dismantled, and the tribe, bag and baggage, was preparing to, I like his weirder, more ambitious novels even when they, On his way to the gibbet, a freak took him in the head to, The drink is light-sensitive, meaning it can, The hens woke up squawking with terror because they had all dreamed simultaneously of hearing a gun, Another was planted in an iron forge near the castle but failed to, When I find out that a new thingamajig exists, I get really excited and, A slight move of the tiller, and the boat will, On Christmas Eve, terrorists raid the monastery and demand that Brother Luc, the infirmarian, hand over their medical supplies and, If nuts are stored in the kitchen around the cooking area where the temperature and heat is high, chances are they will, But just because UMass is the city's biggest employer and its research scientists sport enormous brains, we can't allow it to, You should set the alarm on your watch to, I reckon it's pretty astonishing that none of us did, The education is slowly moving in the wrong direction and if the hand brake is not lifted in time, the entire education system will, He is Chekhov's gun on the wall, destined to, It was simply a question of days, this duel as to which should, Etta, the acid-tongued, the ferret-faced, was not the sort to, Amos has had to come to draggin' me round by degrees, an' I don't, It must have been about midnight when they were both awakened by hearing the burglar alarm, He had also a trick to mingle his commodity, that that which was bad might, It was the most logical, easiest, and simplest way for a D-H reactor to, Well, when we are altogether, I expect my tea party will, The tone of every voice tight and excited, like a firework about to, And who's to be moindin' the geese, if you and Tommie was to, I've been a fool, I admit that, but Rachael has no cause to, Do you mean to say, Bark Lingall, that you will desert me, and, Moreover, as the man advances in years, the fury of his libertinism will, Mr. tatt waits, and the train comes in, and then Witchem and me, But as soon as the mad-dog scare started the girls were all very careful about letting Tom Jonah, What could his thoughts have been, lying tied up on the living room floor waiting for twenty tons of TNT to, Why, to lave me stuck here like a post, and to, I will start at once for Pickford, and my men will, She had no doubt in the world of its being a very fine day, if the clouds would only, Whenever my grandparents had misgivings, and began to wonder whether I was not too young to, Given a hot room they might flip right over and, Hitch Pegasus to a family cart and he can't, He was to leave the vessel at Melbourne, bid a polite good-bye to the captain, and, The automatic rifles of the troopers began to, Silvestro sows his seed in two places and they all, Fearing it was an Improvised Explosive Device about to, Up with your helm, abaft there, and let her, A stale article, if you dip it in a good, warm, sunny smile, will, Maria Mancini was convinced to start her med when her neurologist told her she could always, But no fool dog ought to be fool enough to, What is it that allows such atrocities by loyalists to, Before he left the schooner, he set her on fire, and fixed up all the powder and dynamite so that it would, Going to slicks was obviously the right choice but although there was a dry line, in some places it was so narrow that you couldn't, However, the creators of the US tag SCRAM say that the bracelet wasn't foolproof as the sensor could, He had grown very avaricious in his old age, and used to. Example sentences with the word go. Don't forget about your old friends when you, 25. Here you’ll get most accurate definitions, close synonyms and antonyms, related words, phrases and questions, rhymes, usage index and more. All Rights Reserved. Improve your lexicon with Word Panda. People say let go off things how do I let go and move on? go off with in a sentence - Use "go off with" in a sentence 1. Go off definition is - explode. It's gone off! Oh no, you must go off and be independent. I'll go fifty dollars for a ticket, but no more. What is the meaning of this sentence ," let go off me". The bomb contained a timing device set to make it, 33. The boss gave us the go on the new project. I have a bid of two dollars. [VERB PREPOSITION], The meeting went off all right. Disillusioned, we go off on our own and cultivate a pure spirituality uncontaminated by religious hucksters and hypocrites. 26. 2. I heard volley after volley of pepper gas cannisters, 59. UpdateCancel. The fire alarm went off today at school. Sign in to Wordpanda and find the words to chew on. 27. If you don't want to form a partnership, I'll go it alone. Did the alarm clock go off ? I like to go off on my own - to sit back and bliss out in a darkened move theater. If a light or a machine goes off, it stops working: 2. Find useful information for every word or common phrase. The explosive device was timed to Those practical jokes of yours have got to go! 3. The bomb went off at 9:35 AM Stop at home a bit, and be quiet; it may go off with all this washing, in the course of the day. Learn more. And when online retailing finally ignites, say online analysts, it will, 60. It should be with us in August, just as we, 46. The bomb contained a timing device set to make it go off at rush hour. Let go off me! It was going to be a surprise but he went and told her. Definition of go-off phrasal verb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Joe still reproaches me for a wood carving Laimonis gave me when we parted to, 55. Hello friends! Your tweed jacket would go well with these pants. I don't - I just say thank you and goodbye, then I, 56. I just grabbed my clothes and ran out. They say one in every five bombs, bomblets, and artillery shells doesn't, I might have suggested your name at some point but that's not reason to, With each word Julius increased volume, he started to, Although most dives are divemaster led, divers in buddy pairs are free to, One of the bombers planted his 10 lbs of explosive on a train and timed it to, There's a huge storm drain near where I live, and when I was a kid we'd, One of his great interests was caravanning and he and mum would, Hand grenades produce nearly as much flame as a flamethrower, and artillery rounds look like a full blown napalm strike when they, Well maybe not about nothing in particular but the subject can, Lauren and I quickly ran to our area and turned off the oven before the smoke detector could, Annabelle isn't one to make a song and dance about what she's doing, and she would, They were out of sorts, below us in the table and quite happy to, With the onset of summer, the Big Cats suddenly, Several weeks after the completion of his work the office lights would, The bag is fitted with a special alarm programmed to, If you are one of the many people who are booked to, I'd also rather like her to be working properly again by the time I, I kept putting her off, telling her it was too soon and if we bought it too early it would, The rest of the class went easily enough, but he was glad to hear the bell, I already told you it was raining cats and dogs and I'm worried that the computer is going to crash or that the power is going to, Grey-headed sparrows are relatively nervous birds and if you scare them away a few times they will, This allows us to buy what we need, meaning there is likely to be little waste, and fresh food does not, The prizewinners would come on, there'd be nothing to ask them, and they'd, Even if he had a hard race and he was beaten, where other horses would fade away and maybe, When a call comes in huge siren horns mounted on poles around town, He gave him a cuff rather than a vicious elbow, but once you raise your elbow you have to, It was his character which was unpredictable, akin to a time-bomb waiting to, So it's no wonder they like to offer plenty of freebies to entice you to open an account just as you, Some may argue that we should look after our own before we, If the mine came down on land instead of water, it was supposed to, The foreign owner of a factory, farm, forest or beach-house can, Pull as much trump as you can without giving away the lead before you, Kent tries to persuade him to shelter in a hovel, and they, It was too much of a coincidence for both an electronic disturbance and a triggered bomb to, A newcomer to the newsroom with no background in what constitutes libel is a time bomb waiting to, Nickel, rhodium, and iridium have their uses, and from there you, When his attempts to do so fail miserably, Phillip starts to, Install exterior lights that automatically come on when it gets dark and, The building is a fire trap, and the smoke alarms, which used to, Sometimes people in the public limelight after a few marriages, Leaving little ones alone in a car while you, First, you need to get your facts straight before you, Too many people posting on this site are showing tendencies to, After being locked down for so long, the hustle and bustle of the kitchen caused my anxiety level to, At night, Namie acted as a mama-san for Reiko, introducing her to boys from other private schools and letting them, Theatre Serendipity's first show of their cross-Canada Fringe-circuit tour didn't exactly, And while, certainly, they do, many, many more trials, He then disappears suddenly before Jack and Ralph themselves, He told me that the self-made bomb looked like about 10 dynamite sticks that were set to, It was a wonderful sight to see 21 smacks and bawleys, Dan knew that it would require the perfect timing for everything to work and, Canada would monitor their interaction to ensure the inspectors don't, And the second bomber was injured or at least was incapacitated by that first attack, and his bomb didn't, He cut his head on countless occasions and, in today's game, he would have had to, Every time the boys' boredom threatens to, Of course, one must know the direct trajectory to diverge from it, and one must know where the orbit is to be able to, I've moved in for my regular April week of cat sitting while they, And presumably they manage to use up most of the perishables they buy before they, In a lot of scenes I come on and do these very brief, very tense monologues, and, To complete the illusion, a small explosive charge was to, This next one seems to have plenty to keep me occupied, so I'd better, The cell measures the level of light and sets the street light to come on and, At some highly specific and anticipated moment we disconnect from the education mother ship and, I generate the material, kind of leave it to them to muck around with, and, The painting, packed mysteriously with a kind of coiled energy, is itself a little like a bomb about to, As his acting career began to take off, he began to, Bonfire night celebrations in Middleton, near Pickering, may, The postman always rings twice, always rings too loud, always rings ten minutes before your alarm's due to, Any change of routine may cause your cat to, Fire officers pleaded with the 30-plus residents at the centre to stop ignoring the alarms when they, To actually get out into a muddy field for a change and have some bombs, Having since upgraded the alarm system to, They rarely activated themselves but had been known to, Smillie, topping the bill for the first time in his 15th pro fight, must have been tempted to, If you dump your child in the children's library so you can, Hollywood prefers lots of flames when grenades or artillery shells, I haven't any idea, and he isn't giving me anything to, But her character quickly devolved into this shy, demure, hair care product spokesmodel, leaving Buck with little choice but to, As fluent with their bodies as with language, they sing, sort papers, go berserk, and snap to attention when buzzers, Hehe, no worries, I totally like when reviewers, The remaining nine races on the card were expected to, As I was stuck for subjects, I decided to, I can't always count on my pre-work routine to, So when they meet these days, they exchange a series of secret signs and code words, and then they, They recognize a lot of policemen who are on the front line are bearing the brunt of insurgent attacks, that when suicide bombs, Powdered, evaporated, condensed, sterilized, and UHT milks all keep for a long time unrefrigerated, though the liquid ones usually begin to, I isolated four or five boxes of computer programming and software engineering books, sighed, and consigned them to the heap to, Just what that guarantee might be Airshow hasn't said, but it would likely include equipment buy-back provisions should Globalstar ever, Derwentside ac is determined to put right the problems which caused athletes to, A trotline is a long line set with multiple hooks that does your fishing for you while you, Old Smith was awfully bucked because he'd taken four wickets.