I don't have any ethical problem with this. That’s because guppies are livebearers. But you must take care of it. Few legal wins so far as Trump team hunts for proof of fraud. JavaScript is disabled. Caring for Guppy Fry. Do Guppies eat shrimp? I mean they haven't eaten anything the past 5-6 days. Guppy fry are tiny! Masiac, I know what you mean about the tiny mouth. They swim through the small crushed flakes on the surface of the tank. Is giving birth kind of like taking a huge poop. They are eating you just don't always see them eat, please do not overfeed them because that will make a mess of your tank. Suck up any extra food with a turkey baster ( don't get any babies in there) and dispose of it. They usually prefer live food like baby brine shrimp, micro worms, daphnia, etc. yesterday my pregnant female guppy gave birth to 33 guppy fry and they are in a breeding box on their own. The biggest of the 4 is doing fine, his/here swimming skills are good etc. I am sure if it is not the right thing to do someone will correct me. I used to never be able to keep them alive. They are probably eating the micro bacteria in your tank and they will try to eat the other stuff you are feeding them if they can. I am NO expert but can you get baby brine shrimp? i have been feeding them frozen brine shrimp because i have heard that it is good to help them mature and grow up faster, and crumbled up flake food. Fish Lore's aquarium forum - aquarium hobbyists helping hobbyists since 2005! So i'm keeping them in a normal sized container and a borrow the heater most of the time from the main tank. They will eat flake food. Get your answers by asking now. I agree with what jessman says, I have 4 batches of babies. I am so very sorry to hear about your babies. I do a water change once everyday to be sure the water don't get dirty. When someone asks you how to fix a broken window, do you tell them to get a new house. You can always try to sell those fry to your LFS. A female guppy is able to give birth to 20-60 fry at a time. It will help a lot. With my fry I've always had success with extremely finely ground flakes! Be careful not to overfeed. but he wont eat. Have you mashed the flakes up finely? Fish eat fish. I don't know if it works but a friend blended frozen brine shrimp with tank water and fed a dropper at each feeding time, she refrigerated it and it lasted about a week. They swim through the small crushed flakes on the surface of the tank. They are live-bearing, They give fry instead of laying eggs in your aquarium. We are a family friendly community with an incredible resource of information for fish owners and enthusiast alike. You gotta make your own infusoria. It is good for them, but if they don't want to eat go and get them fry food from the pet shop, although shrimp is good for them, my fry did not want to eat it and the dry fry food they loved. I do the water change almost everyday because the water gets dirty really fast and i use a blue substance to make tap water more safe. Why Do Female Fish Eat their Babies? yesterday my pregnant female guppy gave birth to 33 guppy fry and they are in a breeding box on their own. Anything you feed them should be able to be squeezed from a small medicine dropper. Newborn guppies or ‘fry’ as they are known, are very vulnerable, besides which guppies are known to eat their young ones! I also get fresh brine shrimp as a treat it's only 75p a bag-grab it while I can lol. Feed the formula twice a day. OK, Try mixing the food with a little water and I've heard that if you boil an egg and mix the yoke with a little water, it may work. That should do the trick. Good effort but the whole situation is the cause of your hardship. Or maybe the flakes are not crushed up enough for him to eat. Designed for livebearer fry. 2 of them are sick now. They give birth to live baby guppies known as fry. I have tried the egg yolk too, it seems like they decided to not eat anymore...:'(. Baby Brineshrimp is also a good fry food. But they will. Maybe cut down on the number of guppies to control the fry population also.. The 2020 election wasn't 'stolen.' Breeding guppies is quite a pleasurable activity, if you like adorable, cute and tiny creatures, which do not require too much maintenance. Fish of the Month, Pet of the Month and more! I don't know what i did wrong and i need help. Normally, guppy fry … Considering many freshwater shrimp species have been observed eating all sorts of other fry species it would be safe to assume that a shrimp could eat a Betta fry.