Plus, let’s face it, he’s kind of a ripoff of DC’s Darkseid. 1. Considering that I haven’t seen the whole Dark Knight movie and I therefore haven’t really experienced the Joker (outside of Suicide Squad), I’m leaving it up to you guys! This is just my personal interpretation so take this with a grain of salt. Meanwhile, characters like the Joker (and maybe Darth Vader) will continue to appear in new movies. But, having seen almost all of Chris Nolan's movies, I've grown a bit tired of the Nolan brothers' focus on being clever. Heath's Joker was mind-blowing. He represents the 616 Universe, not the Multiverse. HOTU is probably the most "up there" power there is, but even with it he could not bring himself to destroy everything. @warlock360: I think HOTU is only limited to universal range but the power itself is far above universal. 616 has Multiple Realms and Dimensions within it which are realities on it's own. PlayStation 5 Review In Progress: Color Us Impress... Xbox Series X Review: Microsoft's Best Console Eve... Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition Review. Joker is limited by his imagination? Emperor Joker has 99% of Mr. Mxyzptlks' Power. That was not Multi-Eternity. "Repair the multiverse" scan is BEFORE LT stripped IG of its powers. @manofmanynames2: i was on mobile yesterday so i didn't post it. They’re both great for extremely different reasons. I love both characters on and off-screen, but I don't really find this to be a fair comparison in any facet. Clearly you lack a serious amount of comprehension, because I never claimed that the Infinity Gauntlet makes you omnipotent. In terms of performance alone, I think Joker wins. 1st scan - worked AT THE FAHREST EDGE OF THE MULTIVERSE, 3rd scan - Warlock was repairing the MULTIVERSE, 4th scan - threat to the ENTIRE MULTIVERSE, if they are both truly multiversal then thanos takes it because of 1% lol. Here it is for the people not in the know. Let's say EJ's power that is based off of mxy which is multiversal. A subreddit dedicated to Marvel Studios and the Marvel Cinematic Universe! It doesn't matter what IG it is. As others have said, they're both great in very different ways. You poor person. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. That's what i mean when i say "limited". Personally, if I had to pick one, I'd have to say Thanos, in my opinion. @alonis3612: In it's universe, IG is actually limited to the user i'd say. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Personally, I like Thanos better because I prefer villains with motivations you understand. Posted by 1 day ago. Doesn't current IG have entire multiverses contained within its gems lol? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Joker stomps the IG used in Infinity Wars. Going down the list there’s a couple of interesting entries as well, with names you might not expect, like Shrek‘s Lord Farquaad at number 10, Hades from Hercules being the highest-ranked Disney villain and Slimer from Ghostbusters rounding out the list at 50 (c’mon guys, Slimer isn’t a villain!). Not by power, but by restraint. Celestials are nothing to a single universal Eternity. (BX member poll) 1 of 5 1 2 3 : 1 year ago '04 #1: 4231 page views 108 comments Sir_Burn_Alot x5 19 K 1 K. Better Villain: Ledger as Joker or Brolin as Thanos? Rounding out the top 5 are Darth Vader with 69.2, the Joker with 66.57, Lord Voldemort with 49.96 and Kylo Ren with 48.45. The MCU had been building up to Thanos for ten years before we finally properly met him in 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War. Celestials at that time were still relatively new to Marvel, and were not amped as powerful as they are now. Get on it. Ledger's joker is a villan you don't really know who he is or he is doing this. His story is done in the MCU, so expect his popularity to decrease over time. Press J to jump to the feed. Also I wouldn't even say EJ is multiversal, he's only universal. That was only Eternity from one Universe. 23.6k. Winter Soldier still number 1 in the MCU. save. Honestly these two villains are perfect examples of both of these archetypes, obviously Thanos being the former and Joker the latter, and that makes them both great as villains and impossible to compare to one another. You've seen Suicide Squad but not the Dark Knight? You literally just claimed on the Yog-Sothoth vs Thanos and Darkseid thread that Omnipotence is a hyperbole, yet on that image it literally claims Thanos to be Omnipotent and Omniscient. Because the Mad Titan will win easily. OG IG might take it. Current IG loses badly. Sounds like a fair fight. "Celestials were not amped to be as powerful as now" is a lie, they are the same Celestials and they have been multiversal before now. Celestials are above them. And keep in mind Thanos with IG barely beat that Eternity. Villains can be split into a couple categories. However, both are great and the best of their kind as far as villains go. The Top 20 Horror Movies Of 2019: Tethered Terrors (Part I). 20.4k. Still loved those movies, thoroughly enjoy them, just a tiny bit let down by Thanos as a whole. @alonis3612: thanks for posting that, i thought that was the case since it's in line with the past depictions. You are clearly a Thanos fanboy. Thanos with IG has never shown any level of reality warping on that level. They all lose horribly. It's rather bizarre but it does contain whole universes within it's gems. Rather than pointlessly argue, prove that IG was always universal and limited to its own universe and show feats for Emperor Joker. Lmao nice hate. EJ curbstomps all versions at once. Interesting. @manofmanynames2: Lmao I asked for evidence and not for some vague false claims. Dude, you are literally such a hypocrite. Celestials aren't multiversal but they easily scale to and even above universal. You are heavily wanking IG Thanos to be LT level. And this is just one scenario. I haven’t seen the complete Dark Knight movie with Heath Ledger as the Joker, but I’ve seen YouTube clips and HOLY SHIT he’s an amazing villain! Wanking Mxy I see? MCU Thanos vs DCEU Joker? And keep in mind Thanos with IG barely beat that Eternity. 265 comments. Warlock was not repairing The Multiverse either, because he was literally stripped away of the Infinity Gauntlets' powers by LT in a matter of seconds. @manofmanynames2: @gangorca: Celestials alone are multiversal and yet they are fodders to Death who is fodder to "universal" Eternity who is fodder to IG. This was posted by one of the writers of Doctor Strange! NOTE: I’m posting this to both the Marvel and DC subs as I’m trying to avoid bias. Joker. Thanos was so damn charismatic that he even convinced more than a few audience members that wiping out half the universe was a great idea. Infinity Gauntlet is heavily limited by Universes. The Best Horror Movies To Stream This Halloween. Because the Mad Titan will win easily. Universal feats 2. Avengers: Endgame Behind The Scenes Photos, convinced more than a few audience members, Andrew Garfield Reportedly Hesitant To Return As Spider-Man Because Of How Sony Treated Him, Spider-Man’s Parents Will Reportedly Be Revealed To Be [SPOILERS], Donald Trump Refused To Meet With Chris Evans Twice, Watch: Tom Holland Becomes Marty McFly In Back To The Future Fan Trailer, Watch: Nicolas Cage Is On The Hunt In National Treasure 3 Fan Trailer, Watch: The Dark Knight Battles Machines In Batman Vs. Terminator Fan Trailer, Wanda Will Reportedly Be Responsible For Electro Coming Into The MCU, Marvel Reportedly Plans To Make At Least 3 More Deadpool Movies, New Matrix 4 Theory Says Neo’s Return Is Part Of The Oracle’s Plan. Doctor Who 12x10 "The Timeless Child" Review, Doctor Who Season 12x09 "Ascension Of The Cybermen" Review. You cannot outclass Ledger's Joker. Up until that film, he didn’t seem like such a big deal, with his few cameo performances painting him as some generic purple-skinned space tyrant. But if I'm considering the full context of the film, I think Thanos was better executed. MCU Thanos vs DCEU Joker? OK that's possible. Apples and oranges. The same thing goes for Emperor Joker with Batman btw He wouldn't erase Batman from existence, or else he too might stop existing. Mark Strong Doesn't Know If He'll Return For Shazam! Omg apparently that counts as "barely". ... Then it was Joker vs k*llmonger.. Now it’s thanos vs joker Didn’t know it was that serious. Humour. Cosmic Cube beings alone are multiversal. That would be the joker and he is the best there is for that type of villain. @warlock360: The notion of IG "being limited" came into existence only around 2006 I belive. What does having infinite power do to an already mad titan? The IG was nerfed during that time. And The Celestials are NOT Multiversal, excluding Scathan and Tiamut. Well, he isn't the only one. He is literally only limited by his imagination. I saw Infinity War last Thursday and Thanos is just completely off the charts phenomenal! report. They're both two completely different personalities striving for two completely different goals. share. 616 has Multiple Realms and Dimensions within it which are realities on it's own. Unpopular opinion: I was actually kind of hoping for a little more out of Thanos, and some stuff about him wasn't done the best, so I was a little disappointed by it honestly. If i were EJ, I'd pull thanos (who let's just say for the sake of argument would be equal in Uni A where they are both currently fighting) into Uni B where the IG has no effect anymore. And these scans are not meant to prove that IG is multiversal either. On the other side of the villain spectrum you have those who are fueled by chaos and don't really have much humanity left in them. Doctor Who Season 12x08 "The Haunting Of Villa Diodati" Revi... Star Wars Comic Reveals That Luke Already Fought Boba Fett B... Marvel Comics Reveals How Thanos First Learned About Earth. I do agree that the current IG loses though. That's what the main difference was in the past. Just like with the "Omnipotent claims" you claim are "hyperbole" and "statementforce" the same applies to here. So the IG was in the Ultraverse multiverse, and yet the scan was talking about Earth-616 which is a multiverse away, as well as "all realities" must mean only dimensions within 616? hide. Not because he couldn't (see LT), but because he wouldn't. But Thanos might not be top of the pack forever. You are a massive hypocrite by claiming the Omnipotent claims for Yog-Sothoth are hyperbole, yet most of the "evidence" you posted here is massive hyperbole. By now I'm really not into the whole "dark" thing the DC films are doing. He has the most screen time in the film so he is more of an antagonist. But Thanos might not be top of the pack forever. Simple. He can literally change the answer to 2+2 despite it not making sense. Once again, The end of Reality is applying ONLY TO UNIVERSAL REALITIES. Thanos fanboy because I argue in favor of a golden gauntlet with gems? Okay, come get me redditors, I acknowledge it's my time to die. Thanos is the best of the motivated kind. Emperor Joker is limited by his imagination, he can make 2+2 = 5 even if it makes sense or not. All versions of IG are Universal. Replace Thanos with Shuma-Gorath or Franklin Richards in that moment, beings with clear multi-universal feats, and they would lose.