Not everyone’s cup of tea (although you’ll see many beautiful teacups ?) At the centre of all the sparkle is the imperial crown of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation dating from the 10th century. If you’re planning on visiting both Viennese palaces of the Habsburgs, the Sisi Ticket can save you money. Copyright © 2020 | MH Magazine WordPress Theme by MH Themes, Name: Linda de Beer You can see parts of it that have been transformed into a five-star hotel, and other areas that host concerts and events. This Viennese palace is steeped in history, especially musical history. The two rows of statues along the hedges on either side of the Great Parterre (the formal garden landscape in front of the palace) look as though they’re “standing on guard” just for you. Very well presented info on the palaces. It ends up making for a huge complex. Add it to your list of places to visit in Vienna. Discover top things to do in Vienna at night with Big Bus Tours, Baroque palaces, beautiful basilicas and State Opera performances. The Neptune Fountain, about halfway between the palace and the Gloriette, is perhaps the most impressive of them all. Upper Belvedere: Monday to Sunday from 09:00 to 18:00 and Friday from 09:00 to 21:00, Lower Belvedere: Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00 and Friday from 10:00 to 21:00. I enjoyed my tour of the imperial apartments, Sisi Museum, and the imperial silver collection without feeling rushed when M got sick and had to stay at the hotel with his dad. The oldest of the Viennese Palaces is also one of the biggest palace complexes in the world today. Because I'm simply inspired by its beauty, its history and its people. Thanks for sharing interesting facts about Schonbrunn. The Schönbrunn Park and gardens are filled with beautiful fountains. This Baroque landmark dates back to the late 1600s and is still owned by the Shwarzenberg family. Like all the Viennese summer palaces, Belvedere’s gardens are something to write home about. Nowadays there are so many Vienna palaces that you’ll find one on every corner (almost). I would love to see a concert where Mozart actually performed (or even kissed the Queen). I had heard of a couple of them but they seem to have much more than that! There are three ways you can enjoy the Palais Auersberg. This particular one isn’t open to the public, but it’s still worth a look. Tip: Buy your Belvedere Palace tickets online for fast-track entry when you visit. The can be bought individually for €12 or €20 in combination with a ticket for the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna. […], Linderhof Palace is a miniature Versailles in the foothills of the Alps in the German Bavaria. Continue your Vienna sightseeing aboard a, Sign up to our newsletter for exclusive info and offers. Maria Theresa’s court household numbered more than 1,500 people. So, if there’s a special someone you’d like to spend some quality time with, we’ve put a list together of what to do. The exercise equipment in her dressing-cum-exercise room isn’t something you’ll normally expect in the living quarters of a 20th-century empress. An outing to Schönbrunn is perfectly rounded off by a drink and a snack or meal at one of the restaurants or cafés on the palace grounds. All attractions can be booked individually or in combination. Media related to Palaces in Vienna at Wikimedia Commons. Click here for a more detailed list of the Viennese Palaces or Palais. The German word "Palast" is used to describe the English "Palace". I alway love to visit palaces that have restored the interiors so you can see life in that time period. I haven’t been to Vienna and I’ll certainly revert to this post if I get the opportunity to go. The former palace stables are now an exhibition space where a study collection ranging from a Romanesque crucifix to Late Gothic panel paintings and sculptures can be seen.