UN Budget, 2020-UN Membership Quick Links to Full Text General Assembly Resolutions Security Council Meetings Security Council Vetoes Introduction Principal Budgeting Bodies Programme Budget Resolutions on the . Independent Mechanism to Collect, Consolidate, Preserve and Analyse Evidence of the Most Serious International Crimes and Violations of International Law committed in Myanmar since 2011, International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism to Assist in the Investigation and Prosecution of Persons Responsible for the Most Serious Crimes under International Law Committed in the Syrian Arab Republic since March 2011. Beginning with the 70th session, the Financial Statements and Report of the Board of Auditors covers one year. Commenting for this story is now closed.If you have a Facebook account, become a fan and comment on our Facebook Page! Proposed programme budget for 2020. The peacekeeping budget is separate from the UN's three billion dollar operating budget which runs from January to December. Each report: The plenary considers each report and votes on the draft resolutions or decisions it contains. Chapter IV, Article 17 of the Charter of the United Nations gives the General Assembly responsibility for approving the budget. Le budget 2020 marque aussi, en dépit d’un contexte difficile, la poursuite du désendettement de la Région. navigation, https://research.un.org/en/docs/budget2020, Welcome to the Books & More, Print, To be issued as GAOR, 74th sess., Suppl. The Fifth Committee meets in 3 sessions throughout the year: The Fifth Committee submits a separate report to the plenary on every agenda item allocated to it. 2019 Description 93 p. : ill., charts, graphs, tables Notes To be issued as GAOR, 74th sess., Suppl. the Library, Access Information, Articles, Programme 6, Legal affairs. United Nations, UN Le Conseil des ministres a examiné, ce mercredi, son 4e projet de budget rectifié pour 2020, afin de faire face aux conséquences du reconfinement. Resolutions and decisions offer citation to the documents considered by the General Assembly in its deliberations and reflect the final action of the organization on budgetary matters. Get our news on your inbox! Montevideo, November 12th 2020 - 22:15 UTC. The Fifth Committee, one of the six Main Committees of the General Assembly, is allocated agenda items related to administrative and budgetary matters. The Secretary-General and the Secretariat prepare the following documents for consideration by the General Assembly and its subsidiaries: 2 million views of Research Guides annually, Toggle The UN budget office recommended allotting 33 million dollars less than what UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres requested for the peacekeeping operations, and member states reduced this further by 77 million dollars, diplomats said. Each costs around a billion dollars a year. The UN Board of Auditors audits the accounts of the UN and its funds and programmes. Depository Libraries, Index to 6 (A/74/6/Add.1). The Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ) is a subsidiary of the General Assembly responsible for "expert examination of the programme budget of the United Nations" and assists the Fifth Committee. In general, the General Assembly takes action on the budget on the basis of the recommendation of the Fifth Committee. A/74/251 135 Proposed programme budget for 2020. Documents, Visit the For example, the General Assembly adopted resolution A/RES/72/266 based on the report of the Fifth Committee (A/72/682). Electronic Resources, Borrow Suscribe, The UN budget office recommended allotting 33 million dollars less than what UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres requested for the peacekeeping operations. Staff, General The UN budget for peacekeeping operations will remain at US$6.5 billion under an agreement reached overnight among the UN's 193 member states, diplomats said on Tuesday. Section 8, Legal affairs. Library, Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions, ACABQ reports on the Proposed Programme Budget, Financial report and audited financial statements for the year/biennium ended 31 December ... and report of the Board of Auditors, Report of the Committee for Programme and Coordination, Reports of the Committee on Contributions, UN Documentation: Researching UN Mandates, Established by General Assembly resolution, ACABQ website has list of members by year, 1946-present, Functions described in rules 155 to 157 of the, Meeting records and press releases are not issued, Specific topics relating to the budget and finances of the organization, ACABQ reports on the proposed programme budget have a consistent symbol pattern, Supplement 7 to the General Assembly Official Records (GAOR), Addenda to this report deal with specific topics related to the proposed budget, From the 28th-72nd sessions, this report was issued every other year during even-numbered sessions, Reports on other matters are issued without any particular symbol pattern, Reports findings and recommendations to the General Assembly, includes recommendations regarding the planning, programming, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation cycle, part of a larger document that includes the, Supplement 5 to the General Assembly Official Records (GAOR), Renamed by Economic and Social Council resolution, Terms of reference appear in Economic and Social Council resolution, Rubsidiary body of the Economic and Social Council and the General Assembly, Assists the Economic and Social Council on coordination within the United Nations system, Document series symbol for working documents, Supplement 16 to the General Assembly Official Records (GAOR), Functions are described in rules 158 to 160 of the, Recommends the scale of assessments of Member States’ contributions, Appeals by members for change of assessment, Provide summaries of the meetings and the recommendations of the Committee, Supplement 11 to the General Assembly Official Records (GAOR), from September - December, during the General Assembly main session, in March of the following year in resumed session, while the Committee may consider urgent matters relating to the financing of a peacekeeping mission authorized by the Security Council at any of its sessions, the second resumed session deals exclusively with administrative and budgetary aspects of UN peacekeeping, reviews reports of Secretary-General, ACABQ, and other bodies regarding budget and finances and reports to the plenary, indicates the meetings at which the item was considered, summarizes the committee's consideration of the item, transmits the final version of draft resolutions and/or decisions recommended to the plenary for adoption, Financial Report and Audited Financial Statements.