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Forged at the edge of the universe

Galactic Brain logo rotateThe Galactic Brain is a news site with a neurotic obsession with everything new in science fiction, space and technology.

Our mission is to provide breaking news and in-depth reviews on science fiction movies, books and TV shows, cutting-edge gadgets, new inventions, computing, space travel, robotics, artificial intelligence and more. We exist in virtual reality, parallel universes, alternate pasts, far distant futures, and the few remaining science fiction bookstores scattered across the globe.

If the technological singularity arrives tomorrow, we’ll be ready to greet our AI overlords with open arms, or fight to the death to protect human consciousness. If there’s a rift in the fabric of time and space, the rise of a dystopian state, or more evidence that this is all just some type of elaborate simulation, you’ll hear it here first. Whether you’re a hardcore science fiction fan, an enthusiastic technophile or just a casual surfer, all are welcome.

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Who we are

John Howell
Senior brain interface specialist

Reading John Christopher’s The Tripods and Arthur C. Clarke’s The City and the Stars started John on his science fiction journey at a young age. He has read way too many science fiction novels and owns an absurd number of electronic devices he never has time to use. John founded the Galactic Brain website. You can read John’s short stories here. He is currently writing his first science fiction novel. He lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Earl Freestone
Gadgets editor

Earl grew up on comics, before moving to fantasy novels, and then later science fiction in various formats. The Watchman graphic novel written by Alan Moore is a particular favourite. Smartphones of every type regularly find there way into his hands (and frequently and mysteriously update themselves too). A regular contributor to the brain, Earl is based in Washington State in the US.

Carmen Wells
Reviews editor

Carmen keeps up with the latest science fiction film and TV entertainment announcements and releases, providing the brain with reviews, insights and intrigue. The editor of a Doctor Who magazine in her twenties, she believes Rod Sterling’s The Twilight Zone is the ultimate SF TV show. She lives in Somerset in the UK.

The rejects short story cover
The rejects
A doctor patient confrontation where reality is variable and the stakes extreme. Enter the world of Colin Fitz, an average man who made a mistake in an unforgiving universe...
Breathing space short story cover
Breathing space
All Vod wanted was to escape a dull job, a boring life, and a crowded solar system. In a universe full of infinite choices, ruled by a stifling bureaucracy, escaping the mundane proved more difficult than expected...
City above the clouds short story cover
City above the clouds
The Apex Foundation’s power is absolute, its instructors barely human. Bailey signed up to participate in the ultimate challenge.