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Our mission is to provide breaking news and in-depth reviews on science fiction movies, books and TV shows, cutting-edge gadgets, new inventions, computing, space travel, robotics, artificial intelligence and more. We exist in virtual reality, parallel universes, alternate pasts, far distant futures, and the few remaining science fiction bookstores scattered across the globe.

If the technological singularity arrives tomorrow, we’ll be ready to greet our AI overlords with open arms, or fight to the death to protect human consciousness. If there’s a rift in the fabric of time and space, the rise of a dystopian state, or more evidence that this is all just some type of elaborate simulation, you’ll hear it here first. Whether you’re a hardcore science fiction fan, an enthusiastic technophile or just a casual surfer, all are welcome.

About the founder

Reading John Christopher’s The Tripods and Arthur C. Clarke’s The City and the Stars started John on his science fiction journey at a young age. He has read way too many science fiction novels and owns an absurd number of electronic devices he never has time to use. John founded the Galactic Brain website. He is currently writing his first science fiction novel. He lives in Melbourne, Australia.