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Benedict Cumberbatch is Doctor Strangevideo

Marvel’s Doctor Strange trailer impresses

Having been disappointed by Marvel's Captian America: Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse, and only mildly amused by Dead Pool, I'm hoping for a distinct improvement when Doctor Strange hits theatres 4 November this year. With...

If Jon Snow survives, what will he be like?

If you've already watched the end of Game of Throne's Season 5,  you would be aware that Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington, met an unfortunate end at the hands of his own men, members...
The rejects short story cover
The rejects
A doctor patient confrontation where reality is variable and the stakes extreme. Enter the world of Colin Fitz, an average man who made a mistake in an unforgiving universe...
Breathing space short story cover
Breathing space
All Vod wanted was to escape a dull job, a boring life, and a crowded solar system. In a universe full of infinite choices, ruled by a stifling bureaucracy, escaping the mundane proved more difficult than expected...
City above the clouds short story cover
City above the clouds
The Apex Foundation’s power is absolute, its instructors barely human. Bailey signed up to participate in the ultimate challenge.