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Self driving Tesla demo from car's point of viewvideo

Self driving Tesla demo from car’s point of view

If you were wondering when self-driving cars will arrive, wonder no longer. They're already here. Elon Musk's car company Tesla has released yet another impressive demo of the autonomous driving capabilities of his Tesla sports cars,...

Atlas robot taunted by its creators

If anyone doubts we're getting close to a time when human labour is replaced by robots, watching this video is sure to change your mind. The latest robot creation from Google owned Boston Dynamics takes a...
The rejects short story cover
The rejects
A doctor patient confrontation where reality is variable and the stakes extreme. Enter the world of Colin Fitz, an average man who made a mistake in an unforgiving universe...
Breathing space short story cover
Breathing space
All Vod wanted was to escape a dull job, a boring life, and a crowded solar system. In a universe full of infinite choices, ruled by a stifling bureaucracy, escaping the mundane proved more difficult than expected...
City above the clouds short story cover
City above the clouds
The Apex Foundation’s power is absolute, its instructors barely human. Bailey signed up to participate in the ultimate challenge.